Capture Last Sales Stage Sample

Capture Last Sales Stage

A business process can be used to capture the last sales stage prior to the opportunity being closed.

Step 1 – Drag the Start Event to the diagram

Select the Opportunities base module and set the record type to New and Exising Records Only.

As we are only interested in tracking the changes to the Sales Stage, edit the filter and apply changed filter.

Step 2 – Drag the Exclusive Gateway to the diagram, and connect

There are no settings on the gateway. Instead, the settings are on the paths out. With an Exclusive Gateway, you can have many outputs, with one being the default. The default path out has no filter expression.

Step 3 – Drag the Task to the diagram, and connect

The operation is Save Module and the Module is Opportunities. The Source ID is set to [ID] to reference the ID of the process.

In the list of fields that are updated, LAST_STAGE_C is set to the current value of SALES_STAGE. It is important to note that LAST_STAGE_C was created prior to creating this business process.

Step 4 – Drag the End Event to the diagram, and connect

The end event has no settings.

Step 5 – Connect the gateway to the end message and specify the filter

Only the path from the gateway to the end requires an expression as the other path will be treated as a default. In this path, Closed Lost and Closed Win are both treated as the opportunity being closed.