The Atlantic theme is very compact. It combines the tab menu, with the global search and user information. The tabs that are visible can be controlled by the administrator on the Admin Configure Tabs page.

When the mouse hovers over a tab, a popdown will appear with module shortcuts, module favorites and last viewed. The number of items displayed in the Last Viewed panel is controlled by the setting name "history_max_viewed".

An administrator can control the maximum number of tabs that are displayed. Overflow menu items are displayed under the More tab. The setting name is "atlantic_max_tabs".

When the mouse hovers over the username, a User menu appears. The user menu provides access to the user Profile page as well as the Admin page if the user is an administrator.

When the mouse hovers over the large plus symbol in the upper right corner, a popdown with Quick Creation links will appear. The administrator can control the links displayed by modifying the EditView Relationships "Home.EditView".