A Campaign is a collection of data that helps track a marketing event. A Campaign has a Start Date, an End Date, and several monetary fields. There are several campaign types, but the most popular are email campaign and telesales. In both of these popular campaign types, the CRM helps automate the process. All campaigns contain one or more Target Lists.

An Email campaign includes a collection of Tracker URLs and a collection of Email Marketing records that map an Email Template to a Target List and an Outbound Email record. In this scenario, the Target List is the recipient of the campaign, the Email Marketing record is what is being sent to the recipient and the Tracker URLs track the effectiveness of the campaign.

A Telesales campaign includes a collection of Call Marketing records that are used to pre-generate a series of call records based on the Call Marketing Start Date, End Date and Duration.

A campaign has a status page that displays recipient activity. For an Email campaign, you can see who viewed the email, which links were clicked and which emails bounced.

Field Description
Name The name of the record.
Assigned To The user that is the owner of the record.
Status The status of the campaign.
(i.e. Planning, Active, Inactive, Complete)
Team The team or teams that the record is a member of.
Start Date The start date for the campaign.
End Date The end date for the campaign.
Campaign Type The type of the campaign. An email campaign will send out emails and a telesales campaign will create call records.
(i.e. Telesales, Mail, Email, Print)
Currency The currency used by the monetary campaign.
Impressions The expected number of impressions.
Budget The budget for the campaign.
Actual Cost The actual cost of the campaign.
Expected Revenue The expected revenue of the campaign.
Expected Cost The expected cost of the campaign.
Objective The objective is metadata about the campaign that helps describe the goals.
Content The content is metadata that helps describe the content.
Tracker Text The tracker text is metadata that can be used anyway that you want.
Refer Url The refer URL is metadata that can be used anyway that you want.