The Contracts module is used to allow key properties of a contract to be searchable and sortable. The contract itself is best stored as an attachment.

Field Description
Name The name of the contract.
Status The status is metadata that helps you organize and group contracts.
(i.e. Not Started, In Progress, Signed)
Reference Code The reference code is metadata that helps you organize and group contracts.
Start Date The start date of the contract.
Account Name A reference to the Account to which the contract applies. The Account is only used when the CRM is in B2B mode.
End Date The end date of the contract.
Opportunity Name
Currency The currency originally used for the contract.
Team The team or teams that the record is a member of.
Contract Value The value of the contract.
Assigned To The user that is the owner of the record.
Company Signed Date The date your organization signed the agreement.
Expiration Notice The date that an expiration notice should be sent.
Customer Signed Date The date the customer signed the agreement.
Type The contract type is used to organize and group contracts.
Description A description of the record.