Dynamic Buttons

The Dynamic Buttons module is used to manage buttons on EditViews or DetailViews. Most buttons post-back to the server, but a ButtonLink can navigate to a URL when clicked. URL can include insertion values that come from the Text Field. The insertion values are of the format {0}, {1}, {2}.

The button layout can be exported to SQL so that the configuration can be applied to another system.

Field Description
View Name The view name.
Control Index The display index.
Control Type The type of the button.
(i.e. Button, Buttonlink, Hyperlink)
Module Name The module name, used for access rights.
Module Access Type The access type for the current module.
(i.e. View, List, Edit, Delete)
Target Name The target module, used for access rights.
Target Access Type The access type for the target module.
(i.e. View, List, Edit, Delete)
Mobile Only The button is mobile-only.
Admin Only The button is admin-only.
Exclude Mobile Exclude on mobile devices.
Control Text The display text for the button.
Control Tooltip The tooltip for the button.
Control Accesskey The access key.
Control Cssclass The class type for the button.
Text Field The text field used when rendering the URL.
Argument Field The argument field, used in conjuction with the command name for post-back events.
Command Name The command name used for post-back events.
Url Format The URL format. Use {0} for first parameter.
Url Target The HTML target for the button.
Onclick Script The onclick script.