Inbound Email

Field Description
Name The name of the record.
Status Status of the inbound email account.
(i.e. Active, Inactive)
Mail Server The server or URL for the account.
Login The user login for the account.
Server Type POP3 and IMAP are supported, but IMAP is the recommended protocol as it is significantly more efficient than POP3.
(i.e. POP3, IMAP)
Password The password for the account.
Port The service port.
Use SSL Flag indicating if service requires SSL.
Mark Read
Only Since The only since flag is no longer used.
Mailbox The mailbox on the server. This is typically INBOX.
Reply-To Name The reply-to name.
Email Options
Mailbox Type The type determines how the emails are processed.
(i.e. Create [Any], Create Bug, Create Case, Create Contact)
Group Queue
From Name The name to use when replying using this mailbox.
Reply-To Address The reply-to email address.
From Email Address The email address to use when replying using this mailbox.
Filter Domain The filter domain is not used.