Field Description
User Name The user name.
User Password The password.
First Name The first name.
Last Name The last name.
Is Admin Is this user an adminstrator.
Receive Notifications Does this user want to receive record assignment notifications.
Description A description of the record.
Title The title.
Department The department.
Phone Home The home phone number.
Phone Mobile The mobile number.
Phone Work The main work phone number.
Phone Other An alternate phone number.
Phone Fax A fax number.
Email The primary email address.
Other Email A secondary email address.
Street The street address.
City The city.
State The state or province.
Country The country.
Postal Code The zip code or postal code.
Employee Status Employee status.
(i.e. Active, Terminated, Leave of absence)
Messenger ID The messaging ID.
Messenger Type The type of messaging ID.
(i.e. Msn, Yahoo!, Aol)
Default Team The default team to use when creating a record. The default is the private team for this user. Teams are only supported on Professional and Enterprise editions.
Is Admin Delegate Is this user an admin delegate. A admin delegate can to some, but not all, admin functions.
System Generated Password The flag will force the user to change their password.
Sync Google Contacts Sync Google Apps contacts.
Sync Google Calendar Sync Google Apps calendar.
Google Apps Username The Google Apps username.. The GoogleApps.Enabled setting must be enabled for the Google Apps panel to appear.
Google Apps Password The Google Apps password.
facebook ID The facebook ID. This is only useful if facebook authentication has been enabled for the CRM.
Sync iCloud Contacts Sync iCloud contacts.
Sync iCloud Calendar Sync iCloud calendar.
iCloud Username The iCloud username. The iCloud.Enabled setting must be enabled for the iCloud panel to appear.
iCloud Password The iCloud password.
Theme The theme for the user.
Date Format The date format for the user.
Time Format The time format for the user.
Currency ID The default currency for the user.
Timezone ID The default timezone for the user.
Save Query This flag allows the search panels to remember the last query.
Show Group Tabs Show the tab menu in groups. This flag only applies to the Sugar theme.
Show SubPanel Tabs Show the sub-panels as tabs.
Extension The phone extension. This field is used by the Asterisk integration to determine what calls this user will receive events for.
SMS Opt In The user must opt-in to receive SMS messages from a CRM user.