Field Description
Assigned User ID The user that is the owner of the record.
Team ID The team or teams that the record is a member of.
Name The name of the record.
Question Text A description of the record.
Question Type The type of the question.
(i.e. Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop-down Menu, Textbox)
Display Format The display format.
(i.e. Date Only, Time Only, Date/Time)
Answer Choices The answer choices.
Column Choices The column choices.
Add N/A Add N/A to questions.
Add other field Add Other to questions.
Other Label The display text for Other.
Use other as choice Other as a choice instead of a textbox at the bottom.
One comment per row Add one other textbox per row.
Validation Other validation type.
(i.e. Specific length, Integer, Decimal, Date, Email)
Required Type
(i.e. All, At Least, At Most, Exactly, Range)
Required error message Request display text.
Validate answer Validation enabled.
Validation Validation type.
(i.e. Specific length, Integer, Decimal, Date, Email)
Validate Message The message to display when validation is required.
.(i.e. Not Randomized, Randomize, Flip, Sort)
Last option not randomized. Check to prevent randomization of last time. This is useful if you manually added an Other option.
Column Width The column width of the label relative to the value.
Placement The placement of the question.
(i.e. Start on new row, Next to previous)
Left Spacing on the left.
Top Spacing on top.
Right Spacing on the right.
Bottom Spacing on the bottom.
Image URL The image URL when the question type is an image.
Validate sum Validation sum enabled.
Sum of choices Validation sum error message.
Required Required question.
Forced Ranking Forced ranging of rating scale.
Validation Message Other validation error message.
Invalid number message Invalid number error message.