Firefox Browser Extension

The SplendidCRM Extension for Firefox is available with the Professional and Enterprise editions. To install the extension, simply drag the SplendidCRM_?????_Browser_Extension_for_Firefox.xpi file on top of Firefox. You will be prompted to confirm the installation.

Once installed, a quick-access SplendidCRM icon will appear on the right of the address bar. The first step is to set the options for the Extension and specify the URL to the CRM. The options are set by selecting the Add-ons command from the Firefox Tools menu. Select Extensions and then select he SplendidCRM Extension.

The main feature of the Extension is to allow archiving Gmail emails. Once you are viewing an email, you can right-click on the page to access the Archive email command. You can also left-click on the SplendidCRM icon to the right of the address bar to archive an email.

The Archive Email page presents a searchable view of the CRM. You can search for the related Accounts, Contacts or Leads that you want to archive the email against. Multiple relationships can assigned simultaneously.