Call Marketing

The Call Marketing record is the link between the Campaign and the Target Lists. When the calls are generated, the Start Date, End Date and Duration are used to space out the calls across the user or team.

Field Description
Call Name The name of the record.
Status The status determines if this record is included in the campaign.
(i.e. Active, Inactive)
Subject The generated calls will have this subject.
Distribution The technique used to distributed the calls.
(i.e. Assign To User, Assign To Team, Round Robin)
Assigned To The user that is the owner of the record.
Team The team or teams that the record is a member of.
Start Date The generated calls will begin at this Start Date, and be separated by the duration.
Duration The generated calls will last this many hours.
End Date The generated calls will end at this End Date.
All Target Lists If All Target Lists is not selected, then each target list to which these settings will be applied must be selected manually.
Description The generated calls will have this description.