The Cases module is used to track issues with products or services. The CRM can be used to track Case interactions with the customer by including a special identifier in the subject of any email created from the case.  When an inbound email account reads an email, an attempt will be made to look for a related case.

A Case refers to a customer with a problem, so there are two required fields, the Subject and the Account Name. If there are any fields that are not used by your business, we encourage you to go to the Admin Layout area ad remove them from the layout. Simplifying the CRM is one sure way to increase productivity.

On Professional and Enterprise editions, if Exchange Server Synchronization is enabled, you will see a Create Exchange Folder field. This field is user-specific and it instructs the CRM to create drop folders on Exchange Server.

Field Description
Case Number The case number makes it easier to refer to a specific case.
Team The team or teams that the record is a member of.
Priority The priority is metadata that helps organize and group cases
(i.e. High, Medium, Low)
Assigned To The user that is the owner of the record.
Status The status is metadata that helps organize and group cases
(i.e. New, Assigned, Closed, Pending input)
Account Name The Account field refers to the account to which the case applies. It is not used when the CRM is in B2C mode.
Create Exchange Folder Create a Microsoft Exchange Folder to allow email drops. It is a per-user setting. This is a Professional and Enterprise feature.
Subject The name of the case.
Description A description of the record.
Resolution A description of the resolutoin