At the bird's eye level, there are three stages of a customer. In the outer-most stage, you have a list of customers that you like to connect with. We call these outer-most customers as Targets. Once you connect with your Target, via some campaign or by the Target contacting you direct, we convert the Target to a Lead.

The fields of a Lead are very similar to that of a Lead. The only required field is the Last Name. If there are any fields that are not used by your business, we encourage you to go to the Admin Layout area ad remove them from the layout. Simplifying the CRM is one sure way to increase productivity.

Field Description
First Name The saluation for the target.
(i.e. Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr.)
Office Phone The main office phone number.
Last Name The last name of the target. The last name is typically a required field.
Mobile Phone The mobile number.
Home Phone The home phone number.
Other Phone An alternate phone number, such as 1-800.
Title The corporate title of the target.
Fax The fax number.
Department The department within the organization.
Email Address The main email address. This is the email address used in email campaigns.
Birthdate The birthdate of the target.
Other Email Address An alternate email address.
Assistant The name of the assistant of the target.
Assistant Phone The phone number for the assistant.
Do Not Call The Do Not Call suggests that this target should not be called.
Email Opt Out The Email Opt Out flag is honored when sending out email campaigns.
Team The team or teams that the record is a member of.
Assigned To The user that is the owner of the record.
Invalid Email The invalid email flag is typically set when an email to this target bounces back as invalid.
SMS Opt In A target must opt-in to receive Text messages.
Address Information
Primary Street The primary street address for the target. This is a mulit-line field.
Alternate Street The secondary street address for the target. This is a mulit-line field.
City The primary city.
City The secondary city.
State The primary state or province.
State The secondary state or province.
Postal Code The primary zip code or postal code.
Postal Code The secondary zip code or postal code.
Country The primary country.
Country The secondary country.
Description Information
Description A description of the record.