Territory-Based Assignment Sample

Territory-Based Assignment

A business process can be used to automate team assignments by territory using a Switch Activity.

Step 1 – Create global process variable

Create the variable TERRITORY as a string.

Step 2 – Drag the Start Event to the diagram

Select the Leads module and Record Type of New Records Only.

Step 3 – Drag a Business Rule Event to the diagram

The operation is Switch Activity. The Assign Field is the TERRITORY global variable and the Assign Type is String.

For the switch field, we use the expression =PRIMARY_ADDRESS_STATE.ToUpper(). The leading equals character means that it is a C# expression and not just a field reference.

The properties added need to include all 50 states, with the appropriate region as the value.


Step 4 – Drag a Exclusive Gateway to the diagram

Each path out will have an expression like TERRITORY == "Northeast".

Step 5 – Drag a Task to the diagram for each region

The operation is Assign Module, the module is Leads. The Source ID will be a reference [ID]. The User Assignment Method is Static Team. The Team is the appropriate team for the region.


Step 6 – Drag the End Event to the diagram

All paths from the tasks lead to the End Event.