Security Training Videos

Anonymous Authentication

A default installation of SplendidCRM will use Windows Authentication. If you intend to make the application visible on the Internet, you will likely want to use Anonymous Authentication so that SplendidCRM can prompt for the user name and password.

Time: 3:29

Editions: All

Admin Impersonation

Admin Impersonation is a useful tool for administrators as it allows them to see what a user sees. This is especially useful when advanced security rules are being applied.

Time: 1:44

Editions: All

Password Security

Enforcing password security is an important part of any application that requires authentication. SplendidCRM allows you to specify the complexity requirements of a password as well as the number of days before the password will expire. To prevent a hacker from trying all possible combinations, we have added a password lockout counter.

Time: 3:45

Editions: All

facebook Authentication

SplendidCRM can be enabled to allow your users to login using facebook credentials.This can be used to increase adoption of the CRM by simplifying the login process.

Time: 3:51

Editions: All

Team Management

Team Management allows you to control who sees what records.When a record is assigned to a team, only the users that are assigned tothe same team will be able to see the record.

Time: 3:20

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Dynamic Teams

Dynamic Teams is an extension to our Team Management feature that allows you to assign multiple teams to a single record.

Time: 2:40

Editions: Enterprise

Field-Level Security

SplendidCRM allows the administrator to control who sees what fields.

Time: 2:22

Editions: Enterprise