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12/15/2010 SplendidCRM Releases Version 5.0 Community Edition under GNU Affero General Public License v3

SplendidCRM Software has adopted the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) for its Community Edition.

12/08/2010 SplendidCRM Announces Version 5.0 with Business Rules Engine

SplendidCRM is the first open-source CRM to offer a Business Rules Engine in all editions.

08/26/2010 The Top 10 Open Source CRM Applications
by Chris Bucholtz

Open source CRM has a lot going for it: it's often less expensive, it's easily modified if you have an open-source-savvy IT staff, and if you lack that staff you can find developers readily and often at a less expensive rate than for proprietary CRM software.

08/11/2010 Market Leaders: Open-Source CRM
by Koa Beck

SplendidCRM, another of 2009's leaders returning this year, gets praise from Fauscette for having “pretty good functionality”—as reflected in a splendid 4.2 rating there.

08/10/2010 Survey: 98 percent of enterprises using open source
by Dave Rosenberg

Open-source software is thriving in systems management and business overall, according to a new survey conducted by a software developer.

08/02/2010 CRM Magazine Announces Winners of 2010 CRM Market Awards
by the Editors of CRM magazine

As CRM magazine's annual conference gets under way, the ninth annual awards honor companies, customers, and industry visionaries for successes in the CRM marketplace over the previous 12 months.

04/14/2010 SplendidCRM Announces Version 4.4 with Field Level Security, Report Dashlets and Exchange Server Synchronization

SplendidCRM continues its focus on Microsoft by integrating tightly with Exchange Server 2010 and by incorporating the latest reporting features of Visual Studio 2010.

02/26/2010 Windows still No. 1 in server operating systems
by Mary Jo Foley

International Data Corp. released its fourth-quarter global server data on February 25, listing the top providers of server hardware. But what about on the software front? According to IDC's data, Windows is still the dominant player.

10/20/2009 SplendidCRM for Microsoft Windows Azure
by Salvatore Genovese

SplendidCRM solutions for open-source use, has entered the cloud with its release of SplendidCRM 4.0 Community Edition

08/10/2009 Does GPL still matter?
by John Edwards

As open source gets more commercial, GPL's idealism is overridden by developers' business needs

08/05/2009 PHP versus ASP.NET – Windows versus Linux – Who's the fastest?
by Joe Stagner

Yes, ASP.NET is universally faster than PHP (on Windows and on Linux) with the exceptions of File Copy and Attribute operations.

04/03/2009 Forrester: Lots of room for open-source growth
by Matt Asay

Recent survey data compiled by Forrester Consulting on behalf of information systems specialist Bull suggests that we're at the front end of a long cycle of open-source infrastructure and application adoption.

04/01/2009 The 2008 CRM Service Awards: Table of Contents and Introduction
by the Editors of CRM magazine

The leaders, the winners, and the honorees -- the best of the CRM service industry over the last 12 months.

03/26/2009 5 Truths About Lead Qualification — and How CRM Can Help
by Rick Cook

CRM brings a combination of consistency, objectivity and visibility to lead qualification. With CRM, you can develop and apply business rules, criteria and checklists across your organization's entire lead-qualification process, assuring that reps handle every lead exactly the same way. Those same process-creation modules in your CRM system let you develop objective criteria for deciding how to handle leads.

03/26/2009 The Open Source CRM Argument: Where Does Your Company Fall?
by Pam Baker

Beyond cost considerations, open source offers opportunities for gaining competitive advantage.

03/30/2009 Mono Project Continues to Advance .NET Development on Linux
by Novell, Inc.

Latest releases of Mono and MonoDevelop offer greater scalability and productivity for ISVs and corporate developers.

03/24/2009 Microsoft to present open-source blueprint for down economy
by John Fontana

Microsoft Corp. plans to use this week's Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) to outline its move into the next phase of its open source strategy around building a business model for the down economy, according to company officials.

03/24/2009 Virtual software appliances: A no-brainer or a nonstarter?
by Eric Lai

Virtual software appliances are applications -- mostly server ones, at this point -- that come to users prepackaged with a thin operating system layer. Essentially virtual machines (VM) created by independent software vendors or systems integrators, rather than IT administrators, virtual software appliances help eliminate potential conflicts with the host hardware's operating system or other applications, reducing crashes and improving security.

01/08/2009 outage hits thousands of businesses
by Tim Ferguson

Thousands of businesses were left without access to their applications Tuesday after's servers suffered a service disruption.

12/24/2008 Open source becomes paid software in 2009
by Dave Rosenberg

One of the biggest misconceptions in software is that open source equals free. The early commercial open-source vendors like MySQL and JBoss were able to build decent businesses on top of a license/support-only business model, but over time we've seen that approach become difficult to grow beyond a certain threshold.

12/16/2008 SplendidCRM Software Goes Live with Cost-Effective Software-as-a-Service
by Tim Gray

SplendidCRM Software has launched its Live Software-as-a-Service platform designed to provide cost-effective CRM services on an all-Microsoft 64-bit technology stack.

12/01/2008 SplendidCRM Launches Version 3.0 of Flagship Platform
By Susan J. Campbell

This latest release is being positioned as a milestone for SplendidCRM Software as it introduces the SplendidCRM Workflow Engine as a flagship feature in the new SplendidCRM Enterprise product.

12/01/2008 The Top 10 Open-Source CRM Solutions
by David Hakala

Open-source software is not for businesses who want out-of-the-box complete applications, but it makes sense for companies that want to tailor every aspect of the CRM experience from the ground up.

10/10/2008 SplendidCRM Launches 2.1 on Mono/Linux
By David Sims

SplendidCRM Software, a vendor of Microsoft (News - Alert)-centric Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products for open-source use, has announced the launch of Version 2.1 of its flagship platform SplendidCRM on the Mono/Linux platform.

10/06/2008 Mono 2.0 lets .Net apps run on Linux
By Paul Krill

Mono 2.0, an open-source runtime enabling .Net-based applications to run on Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix, is being released Monday, featuring capabilities for a number of .Net technologies.

08/28/2008 3 Top Open Source CRM Solutions
By Samuel Dean

If you and web workers you collaborate with have been considering using customer relationship management (CRM) software, it makes sense to look not just at proprietary solutionis such as, but at open source solutions. Open source CRM solutions are now very competitive with proprietary alternatives. Over on the OStatic blog, we just rounded up some good tools to consider.

08/26/2008 Open Source CRM Comes of Age
By Sam Dean

Few categories of open source software have seen so much solid teamwork and rapid development as customer relationship software (CRM) projects. As evidenced by huge proprietary players such as, CRM implemented on the web as an on-demand tool for teams of co-workers also creates substantial business efficiencies. If you have a business and haven't looked into some of the top open source CRM offerings lately, here's a look at what you can start doing.

07/10/2008 Open Source's New Frontier
By Bob Violino

By now, every CIO should be aware of the enterprise potential of Linux and other popular open-source software offerings. But the number and breadth of open-source projects has increased steadily over the years, and organizations can apply these tools to virtually any type of business process.

07/02/2008 CIO Magazine: Open Source CRM Delivers More Control, Less Cost
By Bill Snyder

A good CRM package does you no good if employees aren't willing to use it. Case in point: IMA Financial Group, a medium-sized financial services company based in Wichita, Kansas. IMA had installed a commercial customer relationship management system that "was flexible and configurable and attractive on the front end," says business processes manager Jennifer Hallam.

06/02/2008 Silverlight, AJAX and PDF Invoices Cement SplendidCRM as the Ideal CRM Platform
By CRM News Desk

SplendidCRM announced the launch of Version 2.1 of its flagship platform SplendidCRM. The new Silverlight graphs provide SplendidCRM developers with the ability to create and customize graphs. Extended AJAX support provides the CRM user with a more natural experience.

03/26/2008 Report: Subscriptions to Surge for Open-Source Licensing
By Karen D. Schwartz

One out of five applications will be licensed by subscription within five years, respondents said, thanks to goodies such as remote management, security monitoring and more.