Reporting Training Videos


SplendidCRM has a built-in reporting engine that allows basic column selection and filtering. Reports can be rendered as PDF or sent as an attachment. The real strength of SplendidCRM Reporting is that reports can also be imported and exported in RDL format so that an external report designer can be used to create elaborate reports.

Time: 3:00

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Report Parameters

SplendidCRM now prompts for report parameters. In previous versions, the report parameters needed to be provided in the URL. The prompt is also provided when the report is added as a dashlet.

Time: 1:43

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Report Rules

Report Rules are applied when a report is run. With the rules engine, you can create rules that modify the data returned from the database.

Time: 2:30

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Report Builder

SplendidCRM allows tight integration with Microsoft's Report Builder, which is distributed with SQL Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise Editions.Reports can be opened from within Report Builder and saved directly back to the CRM.

Time: 2:59

Editions: Enterprise

Report Dashlets

SplendidCRM has the ability to display a report on the home page as a dashlet.

Time: 1:46

Editions: Professional and Enterprise