Press Release April 27, 2007

SplendidCRM Announces Launch of SplendidCRM v1.4 Incorporating Key .NET 2.0 Technologies

New Features Allow System Integrators to Easily Add User-Customizable Features to Applications

RALEIGH, NC (April 27, 2007) – SplendidCRM Software, Inc., a pioneering provider of Microsoft-centric Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for open-source use, today announced the launch of Version 1.4 of its flagship platform SplendidCRM. The new version, incorporating key .NET 2.0 technologies, allows system integrators to add user-customizable features to applications. The features include .Net 2.0’s Master Pages, Themes, Web Parts and AJAX.

“We’re the ideal platform for developing a back-end system,” said Paul Rony, president of SplendidCRM. “We’re using the best tools and the best technologies to create the fastest system . . . and of course our free runtime and free hosting license makes us the most cost-effective platform for the system integrator.”  Mr. Rony went on to say, “the big advantage to incorporating these key .NET 2.0 technologies is that it actually reduces our codebase and simplifies our design.”

SplendidCRM, unveiled in 2005, is a highly competitive, open-source CRM application that builds on the design of SugarCRM, the number one open-source product in the field. Yet Splendid CRM adds value to the equation through its Microsoft-centric design philosophy that leverages a pure Microsoft technology stack (Windows, IIS, SQL Server, C# and ASP.NET).

The incorporation of key .NET 2.0 technologies allows integrators to add user-customizable features to SplendidCRM using Master Pages, Themes, WebParts and AJAX technologies. Master Pages and Themes work together to dramatically simplify application development and allow for an unlimited number of page layouts to be predefined, allowing CRM users to select from a list of layouts that suit their personality. WebParts makes it easy to define regions that end-users can control, especially on the SplendidCRM home page, where users can hide or move content according to their needs.

The most recently-added technology, .NET 2.0 AJAX, is a technique for updating web pages without having to refresh the entire page.  It provides SpendidCRM users with a more interactive experience.  SplendidCRM relies heavily upon AJAX technologies in its new Order Management system. The new Order Management system provides the ability to create Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

Those interested in “test driving” the new SplendidCRM Version 1.4 can go to the web site. The “Downloads” area provides a VHD or virtual image of the new application with a Windows server; users can then run the downloaded trial application on Windows XP using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2.

About SplendidCRM Software, Inc.:

Founded in 2005, SplendidCRM Software provides a Microsoft-centric open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that, unlike most open-source solutions built for a Linux environment, enables users to leverage their existing Microsoft infrastructure. The company is located in the Research Triangle of Raleigh, North Carolina, and is privately held. To learn more about SplendidCRM, email or visit

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